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I'm Jessica! And I am the Owner & Mastermind behind Balaire Digital Marketing. I have been in Sales & Marketing most of my working life and have always wanted to own my Own Business - Well Now I do! 

Where did I get the Name from? 

Balaire is the combination of my kid's middle names - Jackson Baker & Evangeline Claire.

So Who am I?

I'm totally obsessed with Research & just overall figuring Sh#t out, which I take a lot of pride in - If I don't know it I can figure it out - I can take the Lead or sit back and be Supportive in any way I can. I'm the person who can talk to Anyone and I basically live the definition of "Attention to Detail".


Want to know more?

Well I'm a WV girl livin' my life on the Lake in Cleveland -  I'm a wanna be runner, Mom of 2 & Dog Mom to Piper & Keyser. I am Obsessed with all things related to Wine & Gummy Candy. I am a Beach lover, Chip & Salsa connoisseur and lover of all Animals (Hater of all things Bugs & Spiders). I am a Design Enthusiast who loves to make people laugh - And Finally - I want to Help You Grow Your Business.


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